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About Us

We are a ministry of Citylight Church.  For more information about the church go to

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Wee Wisdom provides a balance between informal and structured learning.


Children require times of exploration, exercising their curiosity and imagination, and time to develop relationships through play within a safe and secure environment.


Each child is unique and passes through developmental stages in his/her own time.  We provide experiences that build both competence and wisdom.  We also help lay the foundation for future growth and learning.

Wee Wisdom's Goals


To instill the knowledge of God’s love into the child’s heart and an understanding of how that affects daily circumstances.


To encourage curiosity, build enthusiasm for learning, and enjoy investigations into basic academic skills.


To learn life skills conducive for developing successful social relationships with peers and adults.  To gain a sense of responsibility for one’s own behavior and an understanding of his/her self as a member of an intricate community. To give children an awareness and appreciation of the uniqueness of themselves and others and to view each as “God created.”


To help children use and develop their God-given creativity expressed through art, music and dramatics.


To establish listening skills and enhance verbal expression skills (English).


To develop large and fine motor abilities through a wide variety of opportunities.

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