Preschool (3-4 Yrs)

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Preschool Objectives

Academic Objectives

  1. Recognize the colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and brown

  2. Recognize the shapes: square, circle, triangle, rectangle, oval, and diamond

  3. Be able to recite the alphabet

  4. Be able to hold a pencil and scissors properly

  5. Begin to write the letters of the alphabet

  6. Begin to recognize the letters and sounds of the alphabet

  7. Be able to recognize the letters in his/her name

  8. Be able to write his/her first name correctly

  9. Be able to recognize and count numbers 1-10

Social and Spiritual Objectives

  1. To use good manners (please, thank you, may I be excused…)

  2. To listen to the teacher’s words and then to obey

  3. To do quiet work at a table/desk

  4. To show kindness and love toward others

  5. To use words during conflicts

  6. To show their thoughts and feelings through their creativity

  7. To know that Jesus sees them at all times and will help them

  8. To love and trust Jesus as their God and Creator

Preschool Schedule

Morning              Afternoon

8:30-9:00             12:30-1:00          Centers

9:00-9:20             1:00-1:20            Opening: Prayer, Bible, Calendar, Weather, Pledge, Theme

9:20-9:50             1:20-1:50            Art Time

9:50-10:20           1:50-2:20            Bathroom/Snack/Quiet Book Time

10:20-10:40         2:20-2:40            Outside Time

10:40-11:00         2:40-3:00            Academics: Letters, Letter Sounds, Writing, and Numbers

11:00-11:20         3:00-3:20            Inside – Games, Creative Movement, and Music

11:20-11:30         3:20-3:30            Wrap Up