COVID Procedures

Our decisions are based upon DHHS Protocols/Procedures as our license and procedures come from them.  We are also keeping an eye on what other schools are doing because we know that affects families with older children.


Our Procedures may change during the year as changes occur in our community and with DHHS. We will keep you up to date if changes need to be made via email.  Please make sure to keep your information up to date with us so we may contact you as needed.  If you find you are not receiving our emails, please let us know. 


Below is the information for our procedures.  You will see information based on the color zones/phases as well as more specific information to start our year and then changes may be made to these as changes come to us. 


Covid Color Zones/Phases:


Green:      Everything at school as normal



Yellow:     Parent drops off child at classroom door.


                 Parent picks up child at classroom door at end of session.



Orange:   Parent drops off child at classroom door.   


                 Parent picks up child at classroom door at end of session.


Red:         Drive-up Pick-up - Parent picks up child by pulling up to front sidewalk.

                 Director/Asst. Director walks child(ren) to corresponding vehicle and parent

                 loads and buckles their own child in their car seat.



   * If required by DHHS we have a Remote learning plan in place.  We would provide  

     materials to you and lessons via online. 







Masks are currently not required. 


DHHS protocol if anyone (child or adult) is diagnosed with COVID within our school:


  • That child or adult will be required to quarantine for 10 days from onset of symptoms/Covid test.  They also cannot return until they are fever free and symptom free for 24 hours.


  • Anyone that is wearing a mask when a diagnosis in a classroom occurs is not excluded from

         school to quarantine.


  • Anyone that was not wearing a mask at the time will need to quarantine for 10 days.


  • It is your decision to send your child in a mask or not, but be aware of these protocols. 


  • We will give mask breaks to the children during snack and outdoor play.  If we see they need

        more breaks we will make adjustments.





Parent Volunteers:


Parent volunteer and adult visitors allowed in building/classroom only during Green and Mid-Low Yellow phases.  Volunteers are only allowed at that time if you have a completed background check and approval.



Our Cleaning Procedures:


  • Janitorial service clean/disinfect building after every school day.


  • Staff will clean and disinfect all surfaces and materials/toys and playground between and     

          after all sessions.


  • Classes will not co-mingle in bathrooms, halls, playground.  We will have an adjusted         

          schedule for each classroom to allow the classes to stay separated.